BetterWifiOnOff 2.1


I just released BetterWifiOnOff 2.1 to Google Play.


  • Added more logging about connected access point
  • Updated russian translations
  • Add option to leave wifi on when screen goes off but a connection is active
  • Added link to donate version
  • Loading application whitelist is now done asynchronously
  • Added timed checks: regularly turn Wifi on (all rules apply)
  • Added timestamp to logcat
  • Fixed event message when user enables/disables the processing from the widget
  • A better fix for detecting that the donate version is installed
  • Fixed alarm “null” error leaving Wifi on
  • Event log should show event the same way when power is connected of disconnected
  • Implemented alternate more sophisticaled cage detection
  • /ul>

BetterWifiOnOff 2.0


I just released BetterWifiOnOff 2.0 to Google Play.


  • Added cell tower awareness for turning Wifi on
  • Added app whitelist that prevent Wifi from turning off
  • Add the possibility to clear the log
  • Add feature to share logcat from within the app
  • Optimized dialogs, added light and dark styles
  • rechecked regularly to make sure wifi is turned off when this connection gets lost
  • Fixed multiple enabled/disabled messages
  • Added russian language

BetterBatteryStats 1.12.4

BetterBatteryStats v1.12.4 was released to Google Play.


  • Fixed widget defaults on fresh install
  • widget default fallback stat is boot
  • Refresh actions flush the cache to guarantee current data
  • Fixed Other stats (deep sleep) being larger than “since”
  • Fixed small widget reading wgrong default stat from preferences
  • Fixed caching issues
  • Fixed synchronization issue sometimes leading to empty “to” stat
  • Fixed tasker plugin issue
  • Fixed “to” battery % and voltage always being the current value
  • Fixed possible FC and error conditions from gplay crash reports
  • Fixed errors due to updating from 1.11 to 1.12 (inconsistent readings)

AndroidDev_VA V1.1

AndroidDev_VA is a Linux Mint based virtual appliance (for Virtual Box) designed for people who want to start developing for Android (Java, ROM and kernel development). The virtual appliance has all the tools (compiler, toolchain, git, eclipse, Android SDK) set up and will be updated regularly.

BetterBatteryStats v1.12

BetterBatteryStats v1.12 was released to Google Play.


  • Added from/to references (spinners) instead of only having “since” ref to “current”
  • Added active monitoring
  • When initially starting the app a reference ‘unplugged’ is created automatically
  • Fixed empty stats on screen rotate
  • Added a pref to not refresh the widgets automatically when screen goes on
  • Changed the watchdog behavior: ‘screen off’ is always saved when watchdog is enabled, ‘screen on’ saving must be enabled in prefs and will trigger only if screen off time is bigger than threshold
  • Added credits
  • Fixed alarm details not being shown when there is no activity involved
  • Better logging verbosity controlled by advanced debug preference
  • Optimized real estate on main screen and package info
  • Fixed tiny font in widgets
  • Added pref to save dumpfile to private folder
  • Fixed alarms for android 4.2.2
  • Fix for 1×1 widget stopping being updated
  • Fix for fallback ref not being read in 1×1 and 2×1 widgets
  • Less intrusive logging
  • New readme and rate dialogs
  • Fixed spinner height
  • Filter 0-values applies to CPU state as well
  • Added (experimental) support for wakeup_sources (replacement of “old” kernel wakelock representation)
  • Main view automatically refreshes “current” when opened (can be turned off in advanced settings)
  • Fixed 0 kwl and pwl in 2×2 widget
  • Fixed FC when calling BBS from watchdog notification
  • Fixed FC condition causing unknown error
  • Fixed CPU states showing negative percents
  • Due to changes in the way references are computed all prefs related to the stat type are getting migrated to “unplugged” (coming from 1.11)
  • Partial wakelocks and kernel wakelocks always show the same time for all stats
  • Fixed online KB failing to update
  • Changed the way su operations are processed
  • Make sure all root operations are running in an own thread
  • Added pref to show/hide the “reference to” spinner
  • Added screen on reference (saved when watchdog is active)
  • References are now stored in a database
  • Fixed FC condition in RAW alarms
  • Optimized loading for speed
  • Fixed watchdog not issuing any alerts
  • Fixed typos
  • Freeze time when BBS is opened / resumed (use “refresh” to update)
  • Long press on list item copies its text to the clipboard
  • Option to write dmesg to file
  • Screen brightness stats/li>
  • Retrieval of KB is now an async task
  • Added mV/h to battery info (dumpfile)