BetterWifiOnOff v1.3


I just released BetterWifiOnOff 1.3 to Google Play.


  • Wrong message (opposite) when user disables/enables processing using the widget
  • New readme and rate dialogs
  • Fixed discard of airplane mode when Wifi did not get turned on at screen unlock
  • Add event to log when user enables/disables Wifi handling

Altitude Release v0.12

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ALTitude v0.12 was release to Google Play.


  • Fixed QoS alarms always being triggered
  • Make better use of criteria to make sure “network” is used most of the times even if “gps” is on
  • Added possibility to disable location updating on main screen
  • Added widget to toggle quick changes
  • Fixed own logfile being written despite preference say not to
  • Preference to automatically turn on quick change when GPS is on (for joggers)
  • Status is now shown on main screen (including quick setup info)
  • Fixed “cancel” being inactive during quick settings interval
  • Added more logging in case Latitude update fails

BetterWifiOnOff v1.2


I just released BetterWifiOnOff 1.2 to Google Play.


  • Fixed different FC conditions from gplay dumps/logs
  • Fixed USB connection/disconnection not respecting airplane mode
  • Fixed Wifi going on when screen is turned on and pref is undefined
  • Feature to re-enable the handing when user turn on Wifi manually

BetterWifiOnOff v1.1


I just released BetterWifiOnOff 1.1 to Google Play.


  • Always cancel pending alarms when screen is turned on
  • Pref to connect to the AP with the strongest signal
  • Allow to not turn on Wifi at screen on/unlock
  • Bugfix: under some circumstanced turning screen off and on right away would still turn wifi off after 30s
  • Fixed condition where handling got disabled when connection to access point was lost (but Wifi was not turned off by user)
  • Added second address for cage detection
  • Properly handle quoted SSID names (Android 4.2)
  • Disable processing when user turns Wifi off (go to advanced preferences to enable)
  • Rebuilt with new SDK
  • Fixed french
  • Advanced pref to disregard the airplane mode
  • Reduce event log entries
  • Added locale plugin
  • Added widget to enable/disable processing

Vote on features for BBS 1.2

This is an experiment. I have been hoping that github adds a vote feature on issues but as this has not happened I am looking for alternatives. As Disqus has added that feature I want to give it a try.

Here are the rules: please vote on the comments (up/down votes) I have added (from the github features). If a feaure is missing you can add it here but it’s up to you to contact me and make sure it goes to github as that is the only backlog I use. Feel free to comment on the feature itself as well. 

If you need more info about the features use the number as a ref and look them up on github.

I will close the votes on december 1st.

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BetterBatteryStats v1.11

BetterBatteryStats v1.11 was released to the Google Play.


  • Added package info with permissions, inline help, description and services
  • Added battery drop in %/h to screen / dumpfile
  • Watchdog prefs allow to turn off EventHandler service
  • Changed in-app help and messages to make the handling of references clearer
  • Fixed wrong reference un unplug when fully charged
  • A better fix for widgets being updated
  • Fixed calculation of “since”

BetterBatteryStats v1.10.5

BetterBatteryStats Bugfix v1.10.5 was released to the Google Play.


  • Make sure app is not installed to SD (watchdog, widgets, detecting boot and unplug won’t work properly)
  • Writing references respect “root features” settings
  • Fixed error condition in widget (potentially not showing data)
  • Refactored broadcast handlers
  • Another attempt to fix dumpfile creation in tasker plugin

BetterBatteryStats v1.10.4

BetterBatteryStats Bugfix v1.10.4 was released to the Google Play.


  • Some tweaking in the widget code
  • Added an option to save logcat from BBS
  • Added perm to read logs
  • Better error handling to avoid other stats to fail in case of a batteryinfo error
  • Advanced setting to enable stats while charging
  • Reference summary in dumpfile shows data instead of count
  • Difference in “since” value between widget and app
  • Exception when asking for plugged state leads to unknown error

BetterBatteryStats v1.10

BetterBatteryStats v1.10 was released to the Google Play.


  • Added battery drain to on screen battery info
  • Fixed dumpfile creation from tasker
  • Added raw cpu states
  • Added battery from/to values for level and voltage to dumpfile and screen
  • Added “since boot” reference
  • If default stat type has no reference fall back to ‘since boot’ (is prefs are set that way)
  • Prevent (inconsitent) stats while plugged in
  • Grey background for stats bars
  • Added icons to stats having package info, clicking icon starts application settings
  • Workaround to SuperUser obcessing about asking for rights
  • Removed Froyo specific code as BBS does not depend on Android version for references anymore
  • Stats requiring root (alarms/network) are disabled by default
  • Make sure references are always written (even if su rights are not granted yet)
  • Simplified Preferences
  • Added proper handling of “deleted: ” kernel wakelocks (Siyah)
  • Added a wakelock for write operations (dumpfile, references) to make sure those are never interrupted
  • Reorganized menu