Surface 3 “Battery Max” Power Profile

I received my Surface Pro 3 last week and have spent the week-end setting it up. After disabling Hyper-V (I need VirtualBox) I wanted to create a “Battery Saving” profile as I did previously on my Surface Pro 2 following these instructions but could not find any settings except the basic ones.

After some research I found that following options could be enabled by settings the proper registry keys (source: Windows Eight Forums).

Here are the links to enable/disabled the options I have found relevant (you will find the .reg files in the linked posts):

What I am still missing are the settings to configure Wireless power and Graphics.

The settings that I am currently testing with (Battery Max.)

  • Desktop background settings – slide show – on battery: Paused
  • USB settings – USB selective suspend settings – On battery: enabled
  • USB settings – USB 3 link power management: enabled
  • PCI express – Link state power management – On battery: Maximum power¬†savings
  • Processor power management – Minimum processor state – On battery: 5%
  • Processor power management – Maximum processor state – On battery: 50%
  • Display – Display brightness – On battery: 20%
  • Display – Enable adaptative brightness – On battery: On
  • Multimedia settings – When sharing media – On battery: Allow the computer to sleep


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